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How the Cannabis Industry will change after legalization

Legalizing Cannabis purchase and consumption across Canada is a big step, and it’s just days away. As we getting closer to the date of seeing this legislative decision in action, Canadians are no strangers to the variety of opinions circulating the country and cyberspace.

Is legalizing cannabis going to benefit communities across Canada or will it create different types of issues?

How are businesses going to be affected?

Everyone has an opinion and many have had the chance to voice it.

In light of all this, we want to tell you how our Centreel platform will play a major supporting role in making the process of cannabis legalization smooth. Centreel will assist merchants with running their businesses effectively and in compliance with the government. Consumers will be provided with information and quality products, to reduce any potential negative impacts on communities resulting from cannabis legalization.

We want to address the following concerns to show you how Centreel will be a key player in helping to streamline operations after the legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada.

Concern #1: How will cannabis be regulated to prevent underage users from gaining access?

Controlling substance use (and misuse) for people who are not of legal age has been a challenge that goes beyond cannabis. We have all heard of fake IDs presented by underage individuals trying to buy products from liquor stores. Can we create a different system at place that can be effective and reduce the number of errors? Yes, we can! And we did…

Centreel’s platform works with top AI system that requires customers to enter certain identifying information that is not only used for experience personalization but it is also put in place to ensure compliance with regulations – such as the age restriction. It is fast. It is accurate. And it works! Merchants will be able to receive information from their customer profiles and provide products only to those who are eligible to purchase them.

Merchants are compliant.
The government is satisfied.

And the community knows that cannabis consumption is well-regulated.

Concern #2: Will it actually reduce the business of black markets?

Black markets are present for products that one cannot easily or legally obtain otherwise. Legalizing cannabis will definitely create major roadblocks to those secondary businesses and their cash flow. Nonetheless, one of the biggest concerns is that cannabis legalization could still result in more people resorting to the black market to purchase cheaper products. They argue that now the prices of store-sold, regulated Cannabis will be raised due to the taxation implemented to merchants, making them less attractive to the regular consumer.

At Centreel we recognize this issue and aim to assist growers and merchants with the pricing of cannabis products, bookkeeping & taxes, as well as with inventory tracking. Customers will be able to access their closest local store and have access to well-priced goods.

Concern #3: Will it be more challenging to provide proper policing & crime prevention services

There is growing awareness of the issues faced by communities (even globally) in regards to substance misuse and operating heavy machinery (e.g., drinking and driving). Over the years users have become more educated about these issues. Still, it is important that users take charge and responsibility for their use of any type of substance. That is – actively seek out information about the effects those will have on their bodies/consciousness, the quality, the dosage etc.

Our Centreel system and our employees want to reduce the stigma associated with cannabis legalization. We want to provide people with all the necessary information that will result in safe consumption – keeping individuals and communities safe.

Cannabis legalization is just around the corner. We made sure that the transition is pleasant and smooth for you, whether you are a grower, a merchant, or a consumer. We are here to help.