When the plan was announced for cannabis to become a legalized substance available for purchase across Canada soon there were some people who celebrated while others expressed their concerns… It is not unusual to have a split of opinions when it comes to topics of any type of substance use – and, fairly, each individual is entitled to a voice.

But for those of you who might have had doubts about cannabis legalization –

We want to tell you about how Centreel and Blockchains are here to make this process as smooth and as effective as possible. Even though the concept of Blockchain can be complicated, we present you with a few of the building blocks (HA!) behind Blockchain and how Centreel will apply it effectively to the cannabis market.

Many associate Blockchain with finance, banking, and crypto-currencies.

However, even though the technology is still in its early development stages, it can be applied to many other fields such as health care, personal data (e.g., birth certificates) and much more – including cannabis markets. What makes it so special is that, compared to other systems, Blockchain is decentralized – information is not stored all in one place but scattered across different devices. You need one ledger among a network (which are essentially the blocks in the chain) to validate a solution for an issue. This solution is then verified by the rest of the blocks, and only then it is updated. As new information becomes available, one can’t simply overwrite on top of the old information. Rather, a new block is created, specifying what has been changed and when the changes were made. This allows to accurately track developments! The ability to temper, alter, and/or hack information is virtually impossible, so you can trust the data/information provided to you.

This is Blockchain – simplified, if we are allowed to say so!

And how does Blockchain fit into the Cannabis culture, might you ask…

By building our business with the assistance of AUXESIS Group Blockchain technology, Centreel will be the tool used by pioneering and growing cannabis businesses. The system has been tailored to the field of the cannabis industry. The AUXESIS’s platform is flexible and at Centreel we have molded the blockchain technology to be highly secure but also to be performance-enhancing (your customers will continue to return not only for your product but also for your excellent service

Centreel’s blockchain system is a powerful tool that can be applied to a number of the stages of the production and consumption lifecycle in your business – inventory and product delivery tracking as well as understanding your customers’ behaviors and behavioral patterns. Customers will have the opportunity to access products via smart devices. This creates a win-win situation for them and for businesses. On one end, customers can securely purchase products online, and their preferences will be stored to assist you in better shaping individual services.


Growers will be able to protect the ownerships of the plants that they are producing and selling. They can also stay informed about products’ lives across the remainder of the steps in the distribution ecosystem.


Sellers will be certain that the quality of the products they sell meets the requirements. They will also be able to ensure their compliance with governmental laws and regulations (and thus avoid any taxation issues). Sellers will further have more satisfied customers due to an improved and more personalized customer service.

Happy customers = happy employees = happy business owners!


The customers will know what they are purchasing! This is very important because it will help cut down on fraud and reduce the size of the black markets.

As the items purchased are traceable to the producer; the customers will also rest assured of their safety and well-being (they will have piece of mind that they are purchasing a good quality product).


As there will be more transparency about the ownership, process, and products themselves, financial and governmental institutions can have a facilitated audit and track of inventories.

Centreel’s Blockchain software is a powerful tool that will build strong foundations for excellent-performing cannabis businesses. And as technology continues to develop so will our software - without interrupting your day-to-day business flow.