Legal cannabis is now a very real consumer commodity. Business owners are faced with the possibility of fierce competition, and staying afloat in a tough market is going to require careful planning, customer loyalty, and a thorough understanding of your cannabis customer base.

First, let’s take a look at today’s cannabis customer...

Well, if we are going to be so brazen as to generalize today’s customer, we may find they don’t fit the typical mould of “recreational user.”

No, this consumer is a tire kicker, a potential client who is open to trying new things, someone who may have been curious for years; yet, is interested in a far less potent product – a startup dose, if you will.

That said, there will still be plenty of day-to-day cannabis users. And these are the customers who will provide you with incredible value. Word of mouth is a powerful thing, and these customers will introduce your business to countless proverbial tire kickers – an entirely new and loyal consumer base for your cannabis business for years to come.

So, to make sure they all keep coming back, here are five ways to create a lasting impression, and retain the loyalty of your cannabis customers:

1. Take advantage of an MOS system!

Centreel offers a completely automated system with a customer profile. This not only provides a speedy checkout for the consumer, but allows you to oversee trends, spending behaviours, purchase patterns and preferences. So you’re always well stocked and well prepared, creating a positive buying experience and a powerful rapport.

2. Provide (stylish) Branded Merchandise

While it’s almost certain that government regulations may limit your options here, you should still spend some time on thoughtful and valuable branded merchandise that is minimal, sleek, and effective. Use your storefront as a powerful marketing tool, and ecommerce as an efficient off-street backbone.

3. Give Back to Your Local Community

The majority of your customers will be coming from just a few kilometers away. Finding local non-profit programs and community events will increase your exposure and display your business to a large audience.

4. Loyalty or Rewards Programs

Whether its $1 in store credit for every $50 spent, or something as simple as a stamp card – loyalty programs are the #1 way of fostering a community; plus, you’ll make your customers feel appreciated and special, and a happy customer will always come back for more.

5. Friend Referrals

As mentioned, word of mouth is usually the easiest form of marketing. Get people talking about your brand through merchandising, loyalty programs, the quality of your product, and the speed and enthusiasm of your customer service. You can also offer in-store credit for every new customer referral.

Your local community provides the nucleus of your customer base.

Take care of them, and overall customer loyalty and retention will come naturally.