The announcement of marijuana legalization in Canada is a boon for business owners and a welcomed economic boost for the country; Naturally however, there is going to be some growing pains associated with such a massive industry shift.

According to Statistics Canada, it’s estimated the legalization of cannabis in the country will rake in over a billion dollars in sales in the fourth quarter of 2018 alone; Yet we are nearly a month in, and there is still only one legal BC cannabis dispensary receiving a slice of the metaphorical pie.

So what gives?

Well for starters, many business owners are finding it difficult to secure licensing; the process is long, arduous, and includes many levels of registration, compliance, and marketing etiquette. You can also expect to shell out around $10,000 in cash, along with numerous government revisions, recommendations and inspections.

It's estimated there will be 5.4 million people looking to purchase legal cannabis in the fourth quarter. [of 2018]

Stats Canada

More importantly, however, government licensing is required to track and retain a record of sales, wholesale purchases, prices charged, quantities sold, cannabis disposal, employee records, and employee registration. That is one long list! and involves multiple processes in the cannabis seed-to-consumer waterfall; it’s a confusing time! and a mass of business data. 

So how do we make sense of it all, without losing any of this important information along the way?

The answer is Centreel. Though not unexpected, the current legalization process in Canada has been tumultuous to say the least. Let’s make sure your cannabis business doesn’t follow suit. An advanced system from Centreel leaves no room for human error. 

IBM technology creates customer profiles, quickly scanning government ID for fast processing. Blockchain keeps data safe and secure, and Global Payment technology creates an efficient and streamlined customer checkout experience.

Happy Customer, Happy Business Owner, Happy Government. That’s the Centreel way.