When hiring budtenders think of your own experience as a customer. Were they insightful, professional, and responsive? Now, look at your own business with a magnifying glass. After all, a marijuana dispensary only goes as far as its best budtender. These employees are the face of your franchise. The all-star team player. The final face before the sale.

This makes them highly valuable, but only if they are constantly honing their skills. The success of your dispensary is dependant on many things, but because of their direct interaction with the client, a budtender is perhaps the most important. 

Friendliness and good customer service is clearly crucial for success, but budtenders also need to stay hungry for continuous knowledge.


Here are four essential traits to build on when training and hiring budtenders:

1. Keep them accountable

This skill is paramount to the survival of your business. Budtenders will learn quickly to adapt to new regulations, as any mistakes can prove costly. Inventory management, labelling etiquette, proper disposal and ID checks are all equally important. It is also essential to train for customer pushback, especially in regards to identification.

2. Product, product, product

Knowledge speaks volumes to a consumer, so make sure your staff is well prepared for any frequently asked questions about your own products. Your employees’ ability to explain your product in layman’s terms will contribute greatly to first-time buyer sales. Industry knowledge and a strong understanding of cannabis types and edibles should also be a budtender staple.

3. Can they provide personalized suggestions?

Any seasoned budtender will be able to point customers towards an effective solution for their ailments. Budtenders are not legally able to provide recommendations; However, newer budtenders will find great value in researching medical conditions while training; in order to better serve their customers quicker and easier when they’re on the floor.

4. Are they providing the best customer experience?

Cannabis dispensaries are set to pop up all over the province, and fierce competition for local consumer interest is likely to follow. With this in mind, make sure you’re hiring for customer success. Friendliness is of course important; but the overall experience will be far more beneficial. Superior listening skills, helpfulness in moderation, and understanding customer tendencies will go a long way towards a return customer.

Your staff is the foundation of your business. Make sure they are well prepared to meet the ever demanding needs of your customers. We can help! Let an MOS system from Centreel ease the strain on your budtenders.