Legalized cannabis is now a major player in the Canadian economy. It’s estimated the industry will rake in over $7.3 billion dollars per-year by the end of 2025. An increase in production will provide plenty of jobs – in fact, many roles in cannabis will become highly sought after, as more companies open up shop and competition for high-end talent increases.

Here are 8 of the most essential roles in the cannabis industry. From seed-to-consumption:

1. Master Grower

Quite possibly the most sought after individuals in the industry, grow masters are in charge of the quality and health of separate plant strains. Without grow masters, the perfect blend of pest control, grow house conditions and crop nutrition would not exist. And without healthy plants, the entire cannabis operation would truly be smoked.

2. Cannabis Sales Representative

Just like any other industry, cannabis sales reps are in charge of fostering and maintaining relationships between different levels of the cannabis process. In this case, sales reps want to sell plant products to dispensaries on behalf of manufacturers. However, the most valuable skill a CSR can possess is thorough knowledge of cannabis regulations, in order to forge positive relationships that are both profitable and compliant.

3. Licensed Producer / Harvester

Harvesters and producers conduct plant maintenance and supply the final product; their job is often labour intensive and involves trimming, packaging, and managing operating conditions. These roles are essential to the cannabis process; because without harvesters, there would be no final product.

4. Dispensary Manager

Store management is a complex operation and requires a talented professional at the top. Just like many other retail stores, the dispensary manager is in charge of the day-to-day operations of the company; from overseeing staff and managing trends, to  inventory logistics and customer satisfaction. Their necessity is rather obvious; as quality management yields a profitable operation and a more successful store.

5. Budtenders

Budtenders are the face of the dispensary. Good listeners and talented salespeople, these go-to individuals provide customers with educated suggestions for particular needs. Budtenders are highly knowledgable about different strains, serving as the last point of contact before a sale. It is imperative that stores hire budtenders that demonstrate friendliness; creating a positive and personalized purchasing experience for customers.

Properly handling and weighing product is an essential skill in the budtender repertoire. A POS system from Centreel makes life easier for the budtender and the customer, offering a fast and efficient checkout experience.
6. Dispensary Owners

Owners take on the responsibility of running the business side of operations. A good owner is knowledgeable in terms of government compliance, and will be in charge of adhering to strict industry laws and regulations. Owners are obviously under tremendous pressure, and are in charge of managing the overall success of the dispensary.

7. Government

The very existence of a cannabis dispensary starts here. Government regulations determine the legitimacy of a business; from store location, licensing and permits, to strict advertising and marketing. The government determines the viability of every step in the cannabis process, as one cannot function without the other.

8. The Consumer

This one should be a no brainer… without consumers there would be no industry. Canadian cannabis users spent $5.7 billion dollars in 2017, and that number is expected to skyrocket with the introduction of legalization. It’s an age old saying – take care of your customer, and they’ll take care of you.

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– Centreel Team