“There must be an App for that!”

This phrase is hardly under-used. We live in a time where the survival of businesses offering tangible products or other services depends on their availability on hand-held personal devices. Smartphones! They have become the extensions to our extremities. They are no longer used to simply communicate; you can now use them as an easy banking outlet, library, game centre or to find recipes, jobs, friends, check the weather forecast and much, MUCH more. If you can think of it – there must be an app for that! If not – does it even exist? But make no mistake, you need to wow customers and give them a strong reason to use their mobile storage space for your content.

How can an app-based software improve your business operations? Here are a few features that make apps win over web.

1. Quick and easy access. Et lá, voilà

Mobile applications have become a useful commodity that allows customers to maintain convenient access to content, products, and services wherever and whenever they need it. Running an app allows for access to your content while people are offline and your customers can quickly download material locally. Once you manage to secure yourself a space on their mobile device, customers need to only enter their personal information and preferences ONCE. Can’t seem to remember the password for this 10000th login you have created? No problem, because your mobile app remembers it! All information is stored and the next time the application is opened, one immediately sees what they are looking for.

2. Personalization – You matter

Once customers have entered their preferences the content they see can be personally tailored to them. Gender, age, culture, location, habits, previous browsing and purchasing behaviour will influence what content is presented to them. That makes things much easier for you as a business; you begin to capture their loyalty -a real win-win situation if you ask us. Do your customers tend to make the same order over and over again at specific times? Why not send a push notification that reminds him/her that the time for restocking is coming, and give them the option to click a “re-order now” button.  The product is now on its way. Easy!

3. Ease of payment = impulsive, but lovely orders

Speaking of easy… apps can do more to simplify the process of placing orders. Checkout and payment can be a breeze on an app-based software in comparison to web pages. Customers only enter their credit card information once during the time of set-up and that “order now” button can process the order immediately. They can think about the impulse buy later, as they are enjoying your products. 

4. Did we hear you say cheap marketing?

We cannot emphasize this enough! An app-based software allows you to reach wider audiences for your products and you don’t need to do much (nor do you need to spend a lot!). Your customers will do that for you. This can easily share information with others and now you can watch as your product sharing and sales skyrocket. Genius!

Business survival depends on staying current with technology! Your customers will come at first for your products, but it is up to you to make yourself available on a device that sits in the palm of their hands. It is up to you to create the most customer-centered and individualized shopping experience. It is up to you to make them want to stay!

“Now, there, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!”

Lewis Carroll, Alice Through the Looking Glass

You business DOES need that app-based software!