This is Important

Every morning Tracey walks into her neighbourhood coffee shop on her way to work. There, her coffee is ready waiting for her, prepared just as she likes it, in the proper cup size, and with her name on the cup sleeve. Often, with a smiley face next to it – the local barista has started to recognize her name and become familiar with what she orders as she is one of their returning customers.

This smooth experience does not have to be limited to the coffee shop

This smooth experience does not have to be reserved just for people purchasing their daily dose of caffeine. This personal touch can be a part of any business operation that revolves around serving people; any business where the owner strives to maintain a pool of loyal and returning customers that the store can build relationships with. 

There is no compromise at any level.

With the right customizable software, such as Centreel, local cannabis business owners can also create a personalized experience for the people who physically enter the doors their stores and even those who visit them to purchase online. At the same time, merchants can also maintain a smooth, efficient operation in full compliance to the Canadian governmental regulations. There is no compromise at any level.

Tap & Go

Why is our software important to your customers, might you ask… 🤔

Using Centreel provides people with quick, easy and reliable access to your products. They can download an app to gain fast and convenient access to your products in the palm of their hands. Just like using an app to order coffee, one can quickly connect to their individual profile holding the necessary personal information. Their purchase process is made as easy as possible. Not only is their ID quickly scanned (as all the information is already available after registration), eliminating the need for providing 2 pieces of ID over and over again, but also you, as a cannabis merchant, will rest assured that the customer is within legal compliance to purchase your products and won’t jeopardize your operations. To further customize the guest experience, Centreel provides product suggestions and descriptions by analyzing previous purchases; it allows for pre-orders and for dosage management. It also makes it simple for your valued employees to recognize returning customers and cater to them with appropriate discounts that would encourage a continuous support for your business. These are just a few of the perks.

Did we also mention how easy the payment is?

Just tap your phone and go. 👆


And if customer satisfaction and resulting customer loyalty is not enough to convince you of the benefits our software offers, imagine running your businesses by solely enjoying the process of its growth, without concerning yourself with regulations that could possibly change from one day to another. We will keep track of those and we will make sure your business stays current with all legal requirements outlined by the Canadian government.  The benefits of such software do not end there – Centreel is that magical tool you have been hoping for that tracks all of your inventory, allows you to restock and recharge directly and provides you with extensive reports that make it simple for you to comply to rules and regulations.

Keeping your cannabis business in check with all governmental regulations, continuing to maintain an outstanding level of performance, and delivering an excellent customer experience can be achieved without compromising one aspect of your business for another. The advantage of the software-based operation is that it gives you platform to grow all aspects of your business.