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How the Cannabis Industry will change after legalization

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This is important

How the Cannabis Industry will change after legalization

Legalizing Cannabis purchase and consumption across Canada is a big step, and it’s just days away. As we getting closer to the date of seeing this legislative decision in action, Canadians are no strangers to the variety of opinions circulating the country and cyberspace.

Is legalizing cannabis going to benefit communities across Canada or will it create different types of issues?

How are businesses going to be affected?

Everyone has an opinion and many have had the chance to voice it.

In light of all this, we want to tell you how our Centreel platform will play a major supporting role in making the process of cannabis legalization smooth. Centreel will assist merchants with running their businesses effectively and in compliance with the government. Consumers will be provided with information and quality products, to reduce any potential negative impacts on communities resulting from cannabis legalization.

We want to address the following concerns to show you how Centreel will be a key player in helping to streamline operations after the legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada.

Concern #1: How will cannabis be regulated to prevent underage users from gaining access?

Controlling substance use (and misuse) for people who are not of legal age has been a challenge that goes beyond cannabis. We have all heard of fake IDs presented by underage individuals trying to buy products from liquor stores. Can we create a different system at place that can be effective and reduce the number of errors? Yes, we can! And we did…

Centreel’s platform works with top AI system that requires customers to enter certain identifying information that is not only used for experience personalization but it is also put in place to ensure compliance with regulations – such as the age restriction. It is fast. It is accurate. And it works! Merchants will be able to receive information from their customer profiles and provide products only to those who are eligible to purchase them.

Merchants are compliant.
The government is satisfied.

And the community knows that cannabis consumption is well-regulated.

Concern #2: Will it actually reduce the business of black markets?

Black markets are present for products that one cannot easily or legally obtain otherwise. Legalizing cannabis will definitely create major roadblocks to those secondary businesses and their cash flow. Nonetheless, one of the biggest concerns is that cannabis legalization could still result in more people resorting to the black market to purchase cheaper products. They argue that now the prices of store-sold, regulated Cannabis will be raised due to the taxation implemented to merchants, making them less attractive to the regular consumer.

At Centreel we recognize this issue and aim to assist growers and merchants with the pricing of cannabis products, bookkeeping & taxes, as well as with inventory tracking. Customers will be able to access their closest local store and have access to well-priced goods.

Concern #3: Will it be more challenging to provide proper policing & crime prevention services

There is growing awareness of the issues faced by communities (even globally) in regards to substance misuse and operating heavy machinery (e.g., drinking and driving). Over the years users have become more educated about these issues. Still, it is important that users take charge and responsibility for their use of any type of substance. That is – actively seek out information about the effects those will have on their bodies/consciousness, the quality, the dosage etc.

Our Centreel system and our employees want to reduce the stigma associated with cannabis legalization. We want to provide people with all the necessary information that will result in safe consumption – keeping individuals and communities safe.

Cannabis legalization is just around the corner. We made sure that the transition is pleasant and smooth for you, whether you are a grower, a merchant, or a consumer. We are here to help.

blockchain and cannabis

Blockchain and Cannabis

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When the plan was announced for cannabis to become a legalized substance available for purchase across Canada soon there were some people who celebrated while others expressed their concerns… It is not unusual to have a split of opinions when it comes to topics of any type of substance use – and, fairly, each individual is entitled to a voice.

But for those of you who might have had doubts about cannabis legalization –

We want to tell you about how Centreel and Blockchains are here to make this process as smooth and as effective as possible. Even though the concept of Blockchain can be complicated, we present you with a few of the building blocks (HA!) behind Blockchain and how Centreel will apply it effectively to the cannabis market.

Many associate Blockchain with finance, banking, and crypto-currencies.

However, even though the technology is still in its early development stages, it can be applied to many other fields such as health care, personal data (e.g., birth certificates) and much more – including cannabis markets. What makes it so special is that, compared to other systems, Blockchain is decentralized – information is not stored all in one place but scattered across different devices. You need one ledger among a network (which are essentially the blocks in the chain) to validate a solution for an issue. This solution is then verified by the rest of the blocks, and only then it is updated. As new information becomes available, one can’t simply overwrite on top of the old information. Rather, a new block is created, specifying what has been changed and when the changes were made. This allows to accurately track developments! The ability to temper, alter, and/or hack information is virtually impossible, so you can trust the data/information provided to you.

This is Blockchain – simplified, if we are allowed to say so!

And how does Blockchain fit into the Cannabis culture, might you ask…

By building our business with the assistance of AUXESIS Group Blockchain technology, Centreel will be the tool used by pioneering and growing cannabis businesses. The system has been tailored to the field of the cannabis industry. The AUXESIS’s platform is flexible and at Centreel we have molded the blockchain technology to be highly secure but also to be performance-enhancing (your customers will continue to return not only for your product but also for your excellent service

Centreel’s blockchain system is a powerful tool that can be applied to a number of the stages of the production and consumption lifecycle in your business – inventory and product delivery tracking as well as understanding your customers’ behaviors and behavioral patterns. Customers will have the opportunity to access products via smart devices. This creates a win-win situation for them and for businesses. On one end, customers can securely purchase products online, and their preferences will be stored to assist you in better shaping individual services.


Growers will be able to protect the ownerships of the plants that they are producing and selling. They can also stay informed about products’ lives across the remainder of the steps in the distribution ecosystem.


Sellers will be certain that the quality of the products they sell meets the requirements. They will also be able to ensure their compliance with governmental laws and regulations (and thus avoid any taxation issues). Sellers will further have more satisfied customers due to an improved and more personalized customer service.

Happy customers = happy employees = happy business owners!


The customers will know what they are purchasing! This is very important because it will help cut down on fraud and reduce the size of the black markets.

As the items purchased are traceable to the producer; the customers will also rest assured of their safety and well-being (they will have piece of mind that they are purchasing a good quality product).


As there will be more transparency about the ownership, process, and products themselves, financial and governmental institutions can have a facilitated audit and track of inventories.

Centreel’s Blockchain software is a powerful tool that will build strong foundations for excellent-performing cannabis businesses. And as technology continues to develop so will our software - without interrupting your day-to-day business flow.

Curated Solutions – Building Solutions That Adapt To the Client and Industry Needs

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The Challenge

All Businesses, big and small, try their best to stay current with their industry in order to maintain the loyalty of existing customers and attract the attention to those potentially seeking their services. One does not want to create a plateau – keeping the customers excited and engaged is key! Give them value, give them novelty, give them convenience, and help them save what is most precious to them – their time. A business does not waste a customer’s time; a business wants the customer to invest time (and possibly other resources) into them. A business also wants a customer that will come back (why not bring a friend?).

The challenge is that the world we live in changes from the time the sun sets to the time the sun rises. Maybe even faster. There are constant waves of new start-ups and designs that can make keeping track of everything feel like running on a treadmill and trying to win a race where everyone else is passing you because they are running on the concrete beside you. You blink – and there is a new trend that has emerged and you have already fallen behind. How does a business manage to maintain an image that is attractive and adds value to customers? 🧐

Does it adapt to their ever-changing needs?

We firmly believe that curating is at the base of being current. Not only using curated content as a marketing strategy (which is something more and more businesses are recognizing as essential), but also by adapting a curated software that presents you with the most current and useful tools and information that are available out there.

First we should probably specify what we mean by “curated”

Curating is a strong business strategy - that process is not a passive one. Curating also does not involve creating but rather selecting. It is the skill of looking through content and picking out the most relevant ones without adding white noise (remember – we don’t want to be time-wasters!). One should only present the information that adds value. This will not only demonstrate a business’s awareness of the current state of the business environment and competition, but will also provide customers with a one-stop-shop for all the information they need. Imagine this process as the one many restaurants use for their daily specials – the chefs are selecting only the best products available that day in order to mix them together and put together a mouth-watering dish that will wow a guest and have him come back to try more. This requires a chef that knows what foods are not only available but also season-fresh, what foods to mix together, and mastery of their own kitchen in order to use the right equipment to produce the end product.

Now that we have cleared out the definition of “curated”, let’s talk about software…

Because many organizations now rely on sophisticated softwares that help them maintain their businesses, rightfully they also expect efficiency without interruption. What that means is that these tools should provide them with the ability to deliver personalized service with ease. That also means continuously updated software with currently emerging improvements of design and function without intruding on the organization’s production and delivery of goods and services.

We all want the tool that takes care of the important structural base and background, and that facilitates the business team to deliver nothing but the most efficient and enjoyable service. What would that include?

A business wants to have at the tips of the fingers a software that does it all, and that does it well. In fact, it must do it exceptionally well. By curating a software that will be personalized and tailored to the specific company needs a business will have a tool that:

• is customized for the specific needs of customers in the specific field
• helps your business learn about the always evolving needs of your customers
• is easy to use by employees and therefore reduces the time and resources spent on training
• does not glitch whenever new updates are being created/uploaded

We now have the ability to create incredible tools!

Technology should not be the reason why the services provided are below standard. Technology should facilitate the business operation. However, everything that is newly created will of course take time to be tested; there will be many issues that arise unforeseeably as the tool is in the early stages of its use. And this is where curating comes in handy. You only add the best of the best. But that will require time and skill to explore and recognize what is valuable.

“The revolution of software that works for you so you can work on your business”

AI Assistant – Your Best Employee

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Do you remember The Jetsons?

The futuristic animated sitcom family that many of us watched as kids, or even as adults? The characters moved around with flying cars, had robot housekeepers and hologram phone-calls - they had an intelligent bot for every mundane task imaginable.

jetsons centreel ai

In today’s world we are yet to drive cars that can fly as high as 15-storey buildings (or maybe even higher?). The only robot cleaning your apartment right now most likely spins in a circle every time it reaches the corner of the room and sometimes the quality of our calls is extremely poor when we turn our cameras on.

But we are not too far from the society where Artificial Intelligence (AI) will overtake a vast part of the jobs… Due to the fact that AI will be occupying them, they will no longer be only the typical 9-to-5 gig – there will be services provided around the clock. For now however, AI is widely used to mostly augment and improve many of the repetitive and/or customer service oriented jobs.

We already are at a point where bots can be fed with data and can begin to adapt from each new experience they go through. They have built-in networks much like neutrons in the human brain neutrons that can learn to make logical decisions. These artificial minds have rightfully earned to be referred to as intelligent.

We are already at a point where bots can be fed with data and can begin to adapt from each new experience learn from them – a lot like in a 70-80s sci-fi movie! They have built-in networks, much like the human brain’s neurons, and over time they begin to even make logical decisions, become creative and some have been known to write poems and scripts (those would often not make much sense to us, but that does not render this fact less impressive!). These artificial “minds” have rightfully earned to be referred to as intelligent.

Many organizations have already started to use self-service and automated machines to streamline processes to make noticeable improvements.

Here are just a few ways in which an AI assistant will be one of most valuable employees in the [near] future.

Imagine this common situation today.

You walk into a typical airport and your passport is scanned at a kiosk. From there are two paths that can possibly be presented to you.

Scenario 1

Scenario 2

In the first scenario, everything has gone smoothly with your documents and after receiving your luggage tag from that same kiosk you are guided to the nearest conveyer belt. The belt weighs your belongings and informs you if you need to pay more (no bargaining allowed) and it will proceed with moving your suitcase(s) to the belly of the aircraft. Did you even notice the passenger agent standing near the stations, controlling the line-ups? We didn’t think so… The process was smooth, quick, and, for the most part, effortless.

Unless you wanted to see if you can convince the employees (on an emotional level) that, because it is your birthday (of course!), you should be flying complementary in business class.

In the second scenario, there has been an issue with your documentation. The kiosks know that they need to send you to the employee who will look over all your tickets and documents, fix any issues and then proceed to the rest of the tasks once everything is resolved. Here, you have the chance to explain, correct, and interact with the agent in ways that you as a customer see fitting.

3 Ways

AI assistant will be your most valuable employee.

Reduced Cost per employee:

Yes, it might seem like a big investment to reorganize and adapt an organization to use automated machines, AI messaging apps for communication with your customers, or any other AI software. However, once implemented and put into work, the bots will start to evolve. An organization will begin to save on hiring and on training.

Speed / Accuracy / Efficiency:

Right now, AI is widely used as an augmentation tool to the services.  Systems can be programmed to recognize errors before they have damaged production and service provision; it can tackle repetitive tasks in order to allow to its human “co-workers” to spend more time and energy on more complex issues.


Using AI can help an organization target customer needs by analyzing patterns of browsing behaviors. The algorithms have probably even understood what the customer needs before the customer himself has any conscious idea of what they want.

As a lot of psychologists will know, the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. And in the world of online shopping only an algorithm and a tool that tracks each and every click of each and every customer will most accurately predict and then suggest goods and services that would be useful to the customer.

The adoption of AI does not end with augmenting the front-end service work.

At Centreel, we have also decided to implement some of the top AI technologies available out there in order to optimize the services that we assist our clients with.

Want to Know More About the Centreel AI Technology? Keep on reading…

Powered by IBM Watson

(a secure AI platform; find out more here)

We have successfully created a strong and secured database. The software combines the best of both worlds (i.e., human field expertise + the ability of AI to learn and develop), creating an incredible way to improve business functioning while reducing errors and obstructions.

The Centreel AI technology is intelligent! It learns and develops with each customer transaction, resulting in optimizing and strengthening the decisions of the employees who are using our software [all businesses aim for improved customer service and profit growth though ensuring meaningful employee-customer interactions]. By using the Centreel AI technology software, businesses are also guaranteed their full ownership and privacy of data and competitive intelligences! No leakage, no hacking, no issues - because IBM’s Watson technology behind our Centreel software uses encryption that secures access to authorized individuals only (if you want to know more about encryption and blockchain – follow our blog, we’ve got it all covered!).- Your data is secured;
- The services provided to your customers are always optimal;
- You will avoid the risks of service interruptions due to obstructions;
- You will be using an intelligent software that develops continuously.

But we are not too far from the society where Artificial Intelligence (AI) will overtake a vast part of the jobs… Due to the fact that AI will be occupying them, they will no longer be only the typical 9-to-5 gig – there will be services provided around the clock. For now however, AI is widely used to mostly augment and improve many of the repetitive and/or customer service oriented jobs.

AI has reached levels of development that are at times difficult to grasp. Currently AI use in organizations enhances and eases services. When it comes to efficiency and accuracy – AI truly is your best employee! This is why we believe that your business can really benefit from the use of the Centreel AI technology! You will rest assured that:
- Your data is secured;
- The services provided to your customers are always optimal;
- You will avoid the risks of service interruptions due to obstructions;
- You will be using an intelligent software that develops continuously.

But we are not too far from the society where Artificial Intelligence (AI) will overtake a vast part of the jobs… Due to the fact that AI will be occupying them, they will no longer be only the typical 9-to-5 gig – there will be services provided around the clock. For now however, AI is widely used to mostly augment and improve many of the repetitive and/or customer service oriented jobs.

Web based platform vs a native App. The answer is pretty obvious.

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“There must be an App for that!”

This phrase is hardly under-used. We live in a time where the survival of businesses offering tangible products or other services depends on their availability on hand-held personal devices. Smartphones! They have become the extensions to our extremities. They are no longer used to simply communicate; you can now use them as an easy banking outlet, library, game centre or to find recipes, jobs, friends, check the weather forecast and much, MUCH more. If you can think of it – there must be an app for that! If not – does it even exist? But make no mistake, you need to wow customers and give them a strong reason to use their mobile storage space for your content.

How can an app-based software improve your business operations? Here are a few features that make apps win over web.

1. Quick and easy access. Et lá, voilà

Mobile applications have become a useful commodity that allows customers to maintain convenient access to content, products, and services wherever and whenever they need it. Running an app allows for access to your content while people are offline and your customers can quickly download material locally. Once you manage to secure yourself a space on their mobile device, customers need to only enter their personal information and preferences ONCE. Can’t seem to remember the password for this 10000th login you have created? No problem, because your mobile app remembers it! All information is stored and the next time the application is opened, one immediately sees what they are looking for.

2. Personalization – You matter

Once customers have entered their preferences the content they see can be personally tailored to them. Gender, age, culture, location, habits, previous browsing and purchasing behaviour will influence what content is presented to them. That makes things much easier for you as a business; you begin to capture their loyalty -a real win-win situation if you ask us. Do your customers tend to make the same order over and over again at specific times? Why not send a push notification that reminds him/her that the time for restocking is coming, and give them the option to click a “re-order now” button.  The product is now on its way. Easy!

3. Ease of payment = impulsive, but lovely orders

Speaking of easy… apps can do more to simplify the process of placing orders. Checkout and payment can be a breeze on an app-based software in comparison to web pages. Customers only enter their credit card information once during the time of set-up and that “order now” button can process the order immediately. They can think about the impulse buy later, as they are enjoying your products. 

4. Did we hear you say cheap marketing?

We cannot emphasize this enough! An app-based software allows you to reach wider audiences for your products and you don’t need to do much (nor do you need to spend a lot!). Your customers will do that for you. This can easily share information with others and now you can watch as your product sharing and sales skyrocket. Genius!

Business survival depends on staying current with technology! Your customers will come at first for your products, but it is up to you to make yourself available on a device that sits in the palm of their hands. It is up to you to create the most customer-centered and individualized shopping experience. It is up to you to make them want to stay!

“Now, there, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!”

Lewis Carroll, Alice Through the Looking Glass

You business DOES need that app-based software!

It’s all in the experience – Cannabis stores powered by Centreel.

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This is Important

Every morning Tracey walks into her neighbourhood coffee shop on her way to work. There, her coffee is ready waiting for her, prepared just as she likes it, in the proper cup size, and with her name on the cup sleeve. Often, with a smiley face next to it – the local barista has started to recognize her name and become familiar with what she orders as she is one of their returning customers.

This smooth experience does not have to be limited to the coffee shop

This smooth experience does not have to be reserved just for people purchasing their daily dose of caffeine. This personal touch can be a part of any business operation that revolves around serving people; any business where the owner strives to maintain a pool of loyal and returning customers that the store can build relationships with. 

There is no compromise at any level.

With the right customizable software, such as Centreel, local cannabis business owners can also create a personalized experience for the people who physically enter the doors their stores and even those who visit them to purchase online. At the same time, merchants can also maintain a smooth, efficient operation in full compliance to the Canadian governmental regulations. There is no compromise at any level.

Tap & Go

Why is our software important to your customers, might you ask… 🤔

Using Centreel provides people with quick, easy and reliable access to your products. They can download an app to gain fast and convenient access to your products in the palm of their hands. Just like using an app to order coffee, one can quickly connect to their individual profile holding the necessary personal information. Their purchase process is made as easy as possible. Not only is their ID quickly scanned (as all the information is already available after registration), eliminating the need for providing 2 pieces of ID over and over again, but also you, as a cannabis merchant, will rest assured that the customer is within legal compliance to purchase your products and won’t jeopardize your operations. To further customize the guest experience, Centreel provides product suggestions and descriptions by analyzing previous purchases; it allows for pre-orders and for dosage management. It also makes it simple for your valued employees to recognize returning customers and cater to them with appropriate discounts that would encourage a continuous support for your business. These are just a few of the perks.

Did we also mention how easy the payment is?

Just tap your phone and go. 👆


And if customer satisfaction and resulting customer loyalty is not enough to convince you of the benefits our software offers, imagine running your businesses by solely enjoying the process of its growth, without concerning yourself with regulations that could possibly change from one day to another. We will keep track of those and we will make sure your business stays current with all legal requirements outlined by the Canadian government.  The benefits of such software do not end there – Centreel is that magical tool you have been hoping for that tracks all of your inventory, allows you to restock and recharge directly and provides you with extensive reports that make it simple for you to comply to rules and regulations.

Keeping your cannabis business in check with all governmental regulations, continuing to maintain an outstanding level of performance, and delivering an excellent customer experience can be achieved without compromising one aspect of your business for another. The advantage of the software-based operation is that it gives you platform to grow all aspects of your business.